Our Values

Chronic illness resulting from a Tick-borne Infection is a very difficult situation for patients. Many times the current healthcare system and even the patient’s family can struggle to understand the nature of this type of chronic illness. Two of our physicians: Kimberly Lentz MD and  Brett Satkamp MD have had personal experiences with Tick-borne Illnesses and because of this they understand both the medical and personal issues related to treating and living with chronic illness.  Ryan Hartig, MD has trained in the treatment of Lyme and co-infections of Lyme when his  interests in medicine took him in the direction of functional and integrative medicine while pursuing his Internal Medicine degree.

Dr. Lentz, who founded NHIM, has been involved in treating Tick-borne Illnesses since 2005. Combined, our practitioner staff has had over 25 years experience dealing with chronic illnesses in one form on another. Additionally, many of our office support staff have either dealt with Tick-borne illness personally or had loved ones who have struggled with it. We take our work very personally.

Patients are given generous amounts of time during office visits and are provided a customized treatment plan utilizing the foremost aspects of conventional medicine integrated with proven alternative treatments.

Because we give generous amounts of time in appointments to understand the complexities of each patient’s illness, we are not able to bill the patient’s insurance for the amount of time we spend with the patient. Therefore, we do not participate in any private insurance networks, nor do we participate in medicare or medicaid. We do ask for payment of office fees at the time of visit. Patients with private insurance can self-file office visit fees with their insurance if they so choose.

Please note that Kimberly Lentz MD,  Brett Satkamp MD, and Ryan Hartig, MD are licensed to practice medicine only in the State of Indiana and that any patient-physician relationship is established under Indiana law alone.  Any office visit or any other communication with patients is pursuant to that Indiana patient-physician relationship and does not constitute the practice of medicine under the laws of any other jurisdiction.