Recent news

We want to let you know of some important updates to the NHIM practice.

New Staff

We are very excited to announce that we have an additional doctor on staff that to help serve more patients with tick-borne illnesses! His name is Brett Satkamp M.D.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Brett. You may see Dr. Brett in follow-up at some point, however Dr. Brett will also be seeing new patients and following these patients in follow-ups as well.

We also have a new medical assistant on staff named Chris McMichen. You may get to speak with her on the phone when dealing with medical questions that you have.

 Holiday Scheduling
Our office will be closed Dec. 24 through Jan. 7, 2018. We appreciate you making every effort to get your calls and questions to the office the week of Dec. 18. 2017 or wait until the week of Jan. 8, 2018.
New Patient Scheduling
We currently have our new patient schedule filled through the end of 2017 and into early 2018.  We are currently planning to start taking new patients again on March 1, 2018. Please call on March 1, 2018 to schedule a new patient appointment.