Lyme Legislation in Indiana

Two representatives in the Indiana legislature have introduced a bi-partisan bill, House Bill 1061, that will help those tested for Lyme disease to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

On February 15, ILC along with Dr. Elizabeth Maloney–a prominent LLMD and educator–will speak before the Indiana Public Heath Committee regarding House Bill 1061. ILC has submitted an amendment to HB1061, and we are assured that our amended bill will be adopted, so therefore, we support amended HB1061.

Your action is needed.
Find your Indiana State House Representative by district at
If you have a state representative serving on the Indiana Public Health Committee (see list below), please call now and state your support of HB1061. If your state representative is not serving on this committee, please do not contact them at this time.

Call the House Switchboard number at 317.232.9600 OR 1-800-382-9842 before Wednesday, February 15th.
Ask to speak with your legislator. If you are unable to speak directly with your member, you can leave a message. State that Lyme disease is a reality and serious problem in Indiana and that current diagnostic testing is problematic; therefore, you support Lyme legislation HB1061.
Please multiply our efforts by contacting your friends, family, and colleagues. Time is short. May the voice of those suffering be heard. May the cycle of misdiagnosis be greatly curtailed.
ILC will keep you updated. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

LeAnne Barta
Indiana Lyme Connect, President

Public Health Committee, House:
Chair- Cindy Kirchhofer – Marion County
Ron Bacon – Pike, Spencer and Warrick Counties
Robert Behning – Hendricks and Marion Counties
Steven Davisson – Clark, Harrison, Jackson, Lawrence, Orange and Washington Counties
David Frizzell – Johnson and Marion
Don Lehe – Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Tippecanoe Counties
Harold Slager – Lake County
Dennis Zent –LaGrange and Steuben Counties
Cindy Ziemke – Decatur, Fayette, Franklin, Ripley, Rush
Robin Shackleford – Marion County
Pat Bauer – St. Joseph County
Charlie Brown – Lake County
Greg Porter – Marion County