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Additional Information:

What to do if you’ve been bit by a tick

Tick Testing Options

Lyme Disease Basics

Symptoms of Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Illness

Symptom Check List

Symptoms of Kid’s with Lyme Disease

Local Tick-borne Illness support group (Indiana Lyme Connect)

Online support group and national Lyme Disease news


Resources for Financial Assistance with Tick-borne Illness Treatment:

Lyme Treatment Foundation provides grants up to $4000 towards treatment. There are no age restrictions.

LymeTAP program helps pay for Lyme diagnostic testing. No age restrictions.

The LymeLight Foundation provides treatment grants for young people, through age 25.

LivLyme Foundation provides treatment grants for those under age 21.

LymeAid 4 Kids provides up to $1000 for treatment of those under age 21.

Ticked Off Foundation provides grants and counseling to Lyme patients in crisis. Age 26 and above.