Practice Guidelines and Fee Schedule


Welcome… Thank you for contacting our office. We look forward to helping you along your path toward wellness. For your reference, the following summarizes our updated office policies, services and fee schedules. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


New Horizons Integrative Medicine, LLC (NHIM) consists of Dr. Kimberly Lentz, Dr. Brett Satkamp, and Dr. Ryan Hartig and staff.  Because this is a unique medical practice and because we desire to maintain high levels of service, we must maintain strict policies that we ask you to follow. A great deal of effort, attention to detail and time is needed for us to deliver this type of care. Please review these policies very carefully.

If you determine that you are not able to comply with these policies or we find you to be noncompliant with these policies without good cause, then we respectfully ask you to seek medical care from another source.

Please note that Dr. Kimberly Lentz, Dr. Brett Satkamp, and Dr. Ryan Hartig are licensed to practice medicine only in the State of Indiana and that any patient-physician relationship is established under Indiana law alone.  This or any other communication is pursuant to that Indiana patient-physician relationship and does not constitute the practice of medicine under the laws of any other jurisdiction.  It is with that sole and clear agreement that you consent and agree to these terms and this understanding.


This office is HIPAA compliant. Please see our “Notice of Privacy Practices” document. A separate copy of our privacy practices is available at any time to be reviewed.


Patient visits are by appointment only. Please contact our office (317-708-3708) to schedule all appointments.

Prior to the initial office visit, we find it to be very helpful if you gather as much information as possible regarding your illness and past medical history. Please put together a chronological diary beginning from the time you first became ill to the present. (You can do this on the “New Patient History” form or attach additional pages. List in order the onset of symptoms, tests done (blood tests, scans, x-rays, etc.), and in order, treatments received, including the name of the medication, dose, and dates or duration of therapy, plus any comments on how these treatments affected you. Please bring copies of your medical records to us. Please also provide us with the names and phone numbers of all physicians who have seen you in the past and all physicians who are currently seeing you; both your primary care physician and the physician currently treating you for Tick-borne Diseases (if any).

 Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If traveling, please plan your travel time accordingly.  Directions and a list of restaurants and hotels are available at for your convenience if needed.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel or reschedule at least two weeks in advance. Appointments canceled less than two weeks (14 days) before your scheduled appointment without good cause will be subject to a cancelation fee of $100.00 for new patient visits and $50.00 for follow-up visits. Your credit card on file will be billed or you will be invoiced for cancelation fees. We consider “good cause” for canceling appointments to be situations such as the death or serious illness of a family member.

 During the visit, please note the amount of time required (at least 45-90 minutes depending on the nature of the visit). If someone brings you to the appointment, make sure they know how long they will need to wait on you. Also, be prepared for the possibility that you will take medications home with you. Some medications require refrigeration or will need to be kept cool, particularly in the summer, as you travel back home. Bringing a small cooler to transport medications home is recommended.


In order to maximize the time and quality of care given to patients, and to keep office expenses and your fees as low as possible, we DO NOT bill your insurance directly for the doctor visit fees. However, we will provide you with appropriate documentation during your visit so that you can bill your insurance provider directly, if you so choose.

We are not Medicare providers and we do not bill Medicare, nor may Medicare patients bill Medicare for services or items received at our office.  Medicare patients will be asked to read and sign a contract (available in advance upon request) that serves as an agreement between Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, Dr. Hartig, and associates and the Medicare patient that New Horizons Integrative Medicine associates are not Medicare providers and the patient will not bill Medicare for office fees and services.

Dr. Lentz or Dr. Satkamp or Dr. Ryan Hartig will see Medicaid patients, but do not bill Medicaid nor is any New Horizons Integrative Medicine practitioners are not registered as rendering providers in any Medicaid system, which may also impact the coverage of prescription medications for Medicaid patients.

 All office fees are payable in full at the time of each visit. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, personal checks, and cash. If you cannot make full payment, other payment arrangements must be made prior to your appointment. Patients must obtain approval from our office for other payment arrangements. Phone our office for more details.

We do not allow balances to carry forward. Therefore, if you have an outstanding balance, it must be cleared before a follow-up visit can be scheduled. Our fees reflect not only the time we spend with you in the office, but also all the time spent on your behalf between visits. This may include reviewing reports, making and receiving calls, such as those from other health care providers, insurance companies, pharmacies, home care agencies, etc., and preparing paperwork that is often needed.

 New Patient Visit Fees by NHIM Doctors:  $590 / patient

New patient appointments are dedicated to assessing patients with a thorough review of the patient history, current symptoms and lab tests. The objective of this visit is to work toward a diagnosis, summarize treatment options and help patients understand treatment options and what is entailed regarding length of treatment and medications/side effects. Dr. Lentz or Dr. Satkamp or Dr. Hartig will work with each patient to select the approach that balances both patient constraints and treatment effectiveness. Allow at least 1 1/2 hours of time in our office for new patient appointments.

Follow-up Patient Visit Fees:  $310 / patient

Treatment requires close monitoring of disease response to specific medications and treatments. Follow-up appointments are designed to make assessments of patient progress and medication effectiveness. Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, and Dr. Hartig require a patient visit before any major changes in treatment plan can be prescribed. Allow at least 45 minutes of time in our office for follow-up appointments.

Scheduled Follow-up Phone Consultation Fees:  $250 / patient

In some circumstances, Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, or Dr. Hartig will do a scheduled phone consultation in-between regular office follow-up visits. In general, major changes to a treatment plan cannot be made during phone consultations. Office visits are always preferred to make significant changes to a treatment plan. Allow approximately 30 minutes of time for phone consultations.

Multiple Family Member Fees:  We understand that, in some cases, more than one family member may be ill and wish to be seen by Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, or Dr. Hartig at the same time. When immediate family members who live in the same home, schedule appointments together, the first family member pays full fee and each additional family member pays 25% of full fee. (Example: new patient appointment-1st family member pays $590, additional family members pay $442.50 each)

Non-scheduled Phone Consultations: $40 for each 15 minutes of time with Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, Dr. Hartig or Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner spend on the phone/in reply to email

As a courtesy to patients, our normal scheduled office visit fees include one 15 minute phone call (if needed) in-between regular office visits to discuss lab results or requested symptoms updates. If additional calls or emails are needed beyond one call/email in-between regular office visits, then Dr. Lentz/Dr. Satkamp/Dr. Hartig/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner will bill the patient additional time at a rate of $40 for each 15 minutes of time required to address a patient question.

Injection Fees:  $40 / patient / occurrence

If any medication administration is required, fees may apply. When lab work is required, draws can be done at the NHIM office, however, patients are free to get this done at their primary care doctor or at any local blood draw center. In some cases, labs may be processed or injections may be performed in the office. Any cost of test kits, supplies, or medications are not included in the draw/injection fee. Cost of kits, supplies, or medications will be billed separately. Dr. Lentz, Dr. Hartig or Dr. Satkamp will determine during your visit whether or not your treatment requires in-office injections.

 Non-prescription Medications:

In many cases, patients may benefit from additional non-prescription medications to allow for proper healing and recovery.  Many of these non-prescription medications are available to be purchased through our office at competitive prices, although patients are always welcome to purchase these over-the-counter medications at the retailer of their choice. Non-prescription products sold through the New Horizons Integrative Medicine office do have a markup price over wholesale price. If products are purchased from our office and shipped to your home, an additional $9.50 shipping fee will be charged for regular shipments and for refrigerated products or large shipments and a $12 shipping fee will be charged.

Blood Draws for Laboratory Testing

Our office currently houses an on-site phlebotomist for blood draws during office visits as needed.  The phlebotomist works for a 3rd party laboratory and any fees associated with in-office specimen collections are determined by the 3rd party laboratory and not by New Horizons Integrative Medicine. In most cases the laboratory we house in our clinic will process patient insurance, however, any additional fees or testing not covered by insurance are determined and handled by the 3rd party laboratory and are the responsibility of the patient separate from office fees.


At your initial appointment, please bring a list of all your medications and dietary supplements, both prescription and non-prescription, and present the list to us at your visit. You must list the dosage of each pill, how many you take, and when you take them. You also must note the name of the physician(s) who prescribed each medication. If you cannot complete an accurate list, then bring with you all your medications and non-prescription supplements and remedies in their original bottles so we can accurately review your regimen. An accurate listing of all your medications and supplements is vital to allow the delivery of safe and effective care.

Non-prescription Medications

Your optimal care may require the use of nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, or other non-pharmaceutical treatments. For instance, the use of prolonged antibiotics requires the use of probiotics to counteract the side-effects of antibiotics. New Horizons Integrative Medicine offers competitively priced probiotics as well as many other helpful supplements and remedies. If you do not chose to purchase these non-prescription medications from NHIM, you will be asked to find a source on your own.

Prescriptions & Refills

Prescriptions and extensions of completed prescriptions will be issued at the time of appointments.

Please note, Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, or Dr. Hartig does NOT prescribe Schedule II narcotics for pain, i.e., Morphine, Oxycontin, Vicodin, etc. Prescriptions for other scheduled medications will require an office visit.


New Horizons Integrative Medicine specializes in the treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. It is not our mission to be your family physician for other medical needs beyond Lyme and associated diseases. You must have a primary care physician in your own local area, which you continue to see on a regular basis. This is a strict requirement. We cannot perform primary care services to those who are not local to our area. We will not refill or prescribe medications not originally prescribed by Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, or Dr. Hartig not related to the special problems that we are treating. For example, for our Lyme patients, we will not refill birth control pills, medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. In the event that an emergency arises and you are not able to see us immediately, you should see your primary caregiver, who can then call us if our input is needed. Because we do not fill or refill any controlled medications not originally prescribed by Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, or Dr. Hartig you will need to see your primary care physician for prescriptions or refills of such medications.


All test results are reviewed by Dr. Lentz, Dr. Satkamp, or Dr. Hartig before they are filed and a copy sent to the patient. If any significant findings are noted, you will be contacted by our office.


It is a basic principle of medical care that nothing can replace an office visit when it comes to explaining symptoms, going over test results, and making plans for care. As a result, it is our office policy that all follow-up care is done during office visits. Only in extenuating circumstances will detailed information or changes in care be discussed by phone, fax or secure email. If you just had an office visit, and forgot to mention something, we suggest that you write it down and discuss it at your next visit.

Phone Calls to the Office

New Horizons Integrative Medicine’s main phone number voice mail (317-708-3708) is monitored. As much as possible, during office hours, that number will be answered immediately. After hours, and during times when staff are all busy, you can leave a message that will be heard promptly. We will strive to respond to any messages left during business hours or after hours within two office days. We understand the urgency of your question or request and we ask that you understand that all messages will be responded to as soon as possible in compliance with our policy.  Also be aware we receive many calls and messages every day and do our best to reply in the order that messages are received. IN GENERAL, WE ALWAYS PREFER PATIENTS CONTACT US BY PHONE. IF YOU MUST EMAIL, PLEASE UTILIZE OUR ONLINE PATIENT PORTAL OR SECURE MESSAGING.

Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a medical emergency you should call 911. Examples of medical emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • An allergic reaction that could be your medication.
  • A medical emergency that may require you to be hospitalized.
  • A severe neurological disease such as stroke.
  • Bad diarrhea that goes unresolved after following doctor advice.
  • A PICC line emergency such as clotting or infection.



We ask that cell phones be turned off inside our office building. No smoking or tobacco products of any kind are allowed in our office building.

We understand that patients who have been ill for long periods of time do not feel well and sometimes are not in good states of mind when they come to an office visit. We will make every attempt to see that you are comfortable during your visit. However, unreasonable demands or aggressive behavior toward the doctor or staff or other patients will not be tolerated. Anyone displaying this behavior will receive a written warning and subsequent offenses will result in dismissal from the practice.

This document could not possibly cover all details of our practice and only serves as a general guide. Because circumstances change, updates will no doubt be made, we will strive to keep you informed!

We realize that for some, the trip and cost of the appointment are a big undertaking, but we also realize that the need for the best possible options for recovery often require extra effort and consideration. Please help us to help you, and please understand why we must enforce these policies.