Supplemental and Supportive Treatment with Bio-Energetic Therapies

The Body’s Bio-electrical System

All living systems including the human body rely on the correct function of a variety energies including electrical. Each organ and body system has its own unique electrical system involving different voltages, polarities and frequencies which can be measured. Even in traditional medicine, we use energetic principles to diagnose and treat. There are several routine tests that measure electrical activity of specific body systems. For instance, an EKG measures the electrical function of the heart and a pacemaker can be placed to help supplement what the heart is not able to do on its own electrically.

The bio-electrical system of the body also governs many other conditions.  For instance, PH is a measurement positively charged ions (alkaline) or negative charged ions (acid).  When a body is healthy, the electrical systems generally are working well and measurements like PH are balanced or neutral. When a body system becomes abnormal, we see these measurements go out of normal healthy ranges.

Many things can cause the electrical systems, frequencies, and PH to become abnormal.  Some specific particularly harmful infections can, or exposure to an overwhelming number of different foreign pathogens, or an injury/surgery, an emotional trauma past or present, exposure to a toxin, or even a long-term unhealthy diet.

Testing for Bio-electrical Abnormalities

The body relies on a bio-electrical system for organ systems to operate normally.  You cannot have a bio-electrical system without the existence of energy levels, positive/negative charge and frequency.  In the body these can be measured or tested in a variety of ways.  As mentioned, we do this in a limited amount of cases with tests like and EKG, EEG, EMG, etc.  But there are many more testing methods than even available in traditional medicine.

Alternative medicine techniques also utilize electrical and energetic testing through a variety of means. One testing technique is called a muscle test. A muscle test uses the strength and contraction of muscles to communicate the status of specific body systems. While some feel muscle testing is shrouded in mystery or an unreliable medical procedure, the reality is that we routinely rely and trust muscle testing in everyday life without even knowing it.

Take non-verbal communication as an example.  Professor Mehrabian combined the statistical results of two studies and came up with the now famous rule that communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal. The non-verbal component was made up of body language (55 percent) and tone of voice (38 percent). Body language and even tone of voice is primarily due to involuntary muscle activity as a result of various stimulus. Even with very basic discernment skills, almost all of us can quickly assess someone’s countenance or wellbeing by the strength of their voice or how they look or how they hold their body. That same principle can be applied with muscle testing.  Apply a stimulus and pay attention to the resulting muscle response.

One of the treatments we now offer in our office, a magnet with specific electrical polarity can be placed on a location on the body and depending on what is going on in the bio-electrical system of the body associated with that location, an involuntary muscle contraction can be seen or measured that will provide information about the status of the electrical polarity balance and energy level in that part of the body.

 Supportive Bio-Energetic Treatments

NHIM is now offering several treatments that can help assess and correct imbalances so that anti-microbial treatments, both pharmaceutical and natural, can work most optimally.  The overall goal is for the body’s own immune system to eventually be able to take over and be successful in the fight against harmful pathogens.  In some cases, patients have a difficult time getting their own immune systems to take charge and find stability in the battle with infection.  In many cases, this can be attributed to significant body system imbalances in electrical charge, frequency, or PH. In those cases, some bio-electrical treatments can be a very supportive additional treatment.

The current treatments NHIM offers also have the benefit of being non-invasive with a minimal number of possible side-effects.

The supportive treatments we currently offer specifically address:

– cognitive blocks and neurologic syndromes that are limiting treatment effectiveness,

– magnetic treatments to normalize PH and electrical charge imbalances,

– and a pulsed electro-magnetic frequency device that stimulates the body at the cellular level to restore the body’s natural healing process.

Here’s what to expect from these treatments.  A typical session will include:

-Some initial discussion about your current condition and emphasis on several statements supporting your own body’s ability to heal.

-Next, a patient will typically lie down and magnets will be placed on specific points on the body and muscle contractions will be checked in the legs.  A pair of magnets discs will be left on the body for up to an hour if the leg contraction indicates a need for the magnetic pair. The magnets will be placed with specific polarities in specific locations in order drive body reservoirs to PH neutral. This helps reduce the risk of sites of infection that may persist or not be accessible to anti-microbial medicines.

-Finally, while the magnetic discs are on the body, a device that generates low intensity electro-magnetic signals is applied that further helps activate the body’s own self-regulation processes at the cellular level. This helps the body’s self-healing processes and promote the elimination of problematic background conditions that limit full recovery from chronic illnesses.